Power Everything with Tesla Powerwall 3

Affordable, whole-home backup solution offering uninterrupted power and better battery performance for increased savings and lower electricity bills.r and controls require fewer parts for simpler and faster installs.

Low Cost by Design

  • Integrated inverter and controls require fewer parts for simpler and faster installs
  • Effortless battery expansion, now or later, with plug and play energy additions

More Savings

  • Solar energy is captured more efficiently with the integrated inverter because it offers built-in power conversion
  • Analyzes historical energy use data and forecasts weather and energy to optimize energy usage

Most Durable/Reliable

  • Engineered to perform at high elevation, humidity and over a large temperature range
  • Intelligently controls its temperature for optimal performance even in the coldest temps
  • Flood resistant and submergible up to 28 inches

Better Outage Protection

  • One single unit can seamlessly back up your entire home when an outage occurs
  • PW3 stores more energy for increased protection against power outages
  • Powerwall provides seamless transitions to backup when grid connection is interrupted
  • Storm Watch monitors weather data and automatically charges Powerwall if a severe weather event is in the forecast

EV Integration

  • Charge on Solar – Use excess solar generated to ‘drive on sunshine’
  • Off-grid charging – Charge your vehicle from solar, even while the grid is down
  • Powershare – Extend backup duration and shift energy between your vehicle and Powerwall to meet your needs

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