Use Solar to Hedge Against Rising Bay Area Utility Rates

Solar Power for the HomeThe San Francisco Bay Area has among the highest rates of electricity in the United States, with electricity reaching as high as $0.50 per kWh, for some Bay Area customers, and steadily increasing. Over the last 33 years, rates for Bay Area residential customers have climbed at an average of 6% per year. The graph to the right (above if you’re on our mobile site), from the California Public Utilities Commission, shows average electric rates in California since 1970.

California has a tiered-rate structure for residential customers. The more electricity you use, the higher your rates get. Which means the higher your bills are now, the more you will save by installing a cost effective Bay Area solar panel electric system from Save A Lot Solar.

Depending on your goal, Save A Lot Solar can design a residential solar system to do one of two things

  • 1. Zero-out your electricity bill.
  • 2. Eliminate your most expensive electricity cost to substantially reduce your bill.

Net-metering measures difference between electricity you buy from utility & electricity your solar system generates. It allows you to use the grid like a bank account– debiting and crediting your utility account as you produce and use power. Utilities are required to credit you for the solar electricity your system generates and feeds to grid at same price they would sell it to you. However, excess electricity you produce but do not use within a 12-month period becomes your donation to the utility grid—you will NOT receive a check from the utility for this excess. For this reason, it is important to properly size your system to avoid this.