Top of the Line Equipment

The main components of a Save a Lot Solar Photo Voltaic system are Panasonic solar panels and Enphase Micro-Inverters, one inverter per solar panel.

This is top of the line, state of the art equipment that will provide the maximum performance from your system. All of this equipment is warrantied for 25 years, to produce the electricity predicted in our proposal.

Our solar panel manufacturers leading cell and module technology guarantees the world class stability and reliability backed by 25 years linear performance warranty. All series of regular modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines, ensuring each module meets the international standards of quality and safety.

Standard modules are powered by high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells. These modules are suitable for all types of solar applications from large scale solar farms to residential and commercial roof-top systems.

Microinverters are fundamentally different from conventional string or central inverters—they have a one-inverter per module design. Individual inverters provide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for each module in the system, resulting in higher system output overall. The failure of one inverter or solar panel does not affect the performance of the others. It is easy to expand the size of a system made up of Microinverters.

String inverters, an antiquated technology, are dangerous, inefficient, and burn out after 10-12 years. Solar installers who sell these inferior products fail to mention that they will require replacement long before the solar panels do. This is a hidden cost that is not included in their quoted price. We often get calls from owners of string inverters that have burned out, who are desperate to find someone to fix their systems, which are no longer producing electricity. When comparing quotes, be wary of the additional costs and trouble string inverters will include. Even with an extended warranty on string inverters, it is difficult to find an installer interested in replacing the failed string inverters.

Click here to learn why we only install Enphase micro inverters.

With microinverters, every solar module is operated with the efficiency and precision of digital electronics. This delivers greater energy harvest, higher reliability and richer intelligence.

In addition, the safety and simplicity of parallel AC wiring makes systems easier to design, install and maintain. It comes with a great Internet interface that lets you watch your system create electricity, and allows us to monitor your system to make sure it is always working at 100 percent.

The Envoy Communications Gateway monitors each microinverter and connects them to Enlighten. The Enlighten website allows you to monitor and manage your solar power systems using a computer or smart phone.

Below are links to real time customer solar system web monitoring installed by Save a Lot Solar using the Enlighten website (examples of monitoring):

List of Systems Installed

Why go with Save A Lot Solar?

  • We only install the best most proven solar equipment with the best warranties lasting more than 25 years.
  • We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured so you are safe with us
  • We design solar electric systems that will save you thousands of dollars giving the best return on your investment
  • We do not use high pressure sales tactics so you make the decisions in your best interest, not ours
  • We are a NABCEP Certified solar system Installer which confirms our solar experience and knowledge