No Money Down Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Free Yourself from the Utility Dinosaurs!

Save A Lot Solar is transforming the home electricity market with a greener, less expensive alternative to outdated utility companies. With guaranteed performance and reliability, a Power Purchase Agreement with Save A Lot Solar lets you start saving money immediately by generating green energy on your own property.

Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a contract in which Save A Lot Solar provides all equipment, installation, and maintenance for a solar panel system on your property (rooftops often work best). It’s a risk-free way start using solar power in your home. There is no huge cost outlay upfront. Many businesses use PPAs for their solar systems, and Save A Lot Solar is at the forefront of bringing this service to homeowners.

All up front and service costs are our responsibility. You simply agree to purchase the electricity you use at a pre-determined rate—a rate that’s almost certainly lower than what you’re paying your current utility company.

Save Money Immediately

You’re never charged for anything but the electricity you use. And in most cases, your solar system is installed for free with no money down. We install, support, and own the system on your property. Your savings begin right away.

Save More Money Over Time

Our electricity rates are pre-determined for the length of your PPA, protecting you from the unpredictable and often staggering leaps in market prices.

Save A Lot Solar’s annual rate increase is usually 1.5%. Compare that to other solar systems which commonly see nearly 3% annual increases, and to the dinosaur utility companies which have increased rates by over 5% annually for the last 25 years!

With Save A Lot Solar, your rates are locked-in, clearly defined, and significantly lower than with almost anyone else. You save more and more every year.

Superior Performance, Superior Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best equipment and customer service in the industry.

Our systems are guaranteed to deliver as much electricity as contractually agreed upon. Our technology allows us to continuously monitor your system’s performance, and in the uncommon event that an issue arises, technicians will be dispatched promptly to restore service. Save A Lot Solar is responsible for all maintenance. In addition, insurance coverage for damage and theft are included in our PPAs.

Our installations are highly customizable to fit your specific needs.

Onward and Upward!

We have several options for agreements approaching the end of their duration. The PPA can simply be extended, of course. You can also upgrade to the latest system, or purchase your existing system outright. If you like, we can also remove everything, free of charge.

And should you sell your property, the new owners can take over the existing PPA, or you can buy out the remaining agreement and factor the cost into your property’s sale price. “Electricity included” can be a powerful selling point!


In most cases, customers with strong credit can start generating their own electricity with nothing down. Please contact us for a free consultation and review of your specific needs. We look forward to talking to you!

Why go with Save A Lot Solar?

  • We only install the best most proven solar equipment with the best warranties lasting more than 25 years.
  • We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured so you are safe with us
  • We design solar electric systems that will save you thousands of dollars giving the best return on your investment
  • We do not use high pressure sales tactics so you make the decisions in your best interest, not ours
  • We are a NABCEP Certified solar system Installer which confirms our solar experience and knowledge