IQ Battery 5P features and benefits

  • 5 kWh modularity – Build the right size system for your needs.
  • 3.84 kW continuous power 7.68 kW peak power – Start and run large appliances with fewer batteries.  Better economics with NEM 3.0.                            
  • 15-year warranty, 6000 cycles – Peace of mind, lower lifetime system cost.
  • Wired communications – Improved reliability
  • Power Control Systems – Avoid main panel upgrade to save installation time and cost. Install larger capacity systems of up to 80 kWh
  • Grid-tied and backup options – Simple and low-cost NEM 3.0 installations, or full backup
  • Multiple conduit entry points – Left, right and rear
    Greater flexibility and faster install, lower cost, and better aesthetics. Minimum 3” spacing
  • LFP battery chemistry 9540A UL listing – Greater safety, lower degradation, and better thermal performance
  • Mounting options Wall and floor mount – Greater flexibility and faster install, better aesthetics. Supports larger systems.
  • Field replaceable parts – Lower service costs and resolve customer issues faster

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Why go with Save A Lot Solar?

  • We only install the best most proven solar equipment with the best warranties lasting more than 25 years.
  • We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured so you are safe with us
  • We design solar electric systems that will save you thousands of dollars giving the best return on your investment
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