Photovoltaic Solar Panel System: The Basics

Whether you’re just beginning your foray into residential solar power research, or you’re on the verge of purchasing a solution (and finally getting that solar energy rebate!), you’re probably confused about how photovoltaic solar panel systems operate and what they can do for your home and energy bill. Continue reading

4 Home Solar Myths

Bay Area Residential Solar Power Myths

As San Jose and Livermore home solar installation professionals, we at Save a Lot Solar often spend a lot of time busting annoying myths about solar power. In this post, we have distilled 4 particularly prevalent myths, so that you can make a more informed, objective decision about your home solar energy needs: Continue reading

How, Exactly, Do Solar Cells Work? (It’s Not Magic.)

You’re intrigued by the possible benefits of switching to Oakland solar power.

You’re enticed by the prospect of boosting your home’s value, saving on heating and cooling costs, and “helping the planet.” But you’re also somewhat confused.

How, exactly, do solar cells work?Solar Benefits

The “black box” inside gets incredibly technical, but the gist is actually pretty simple. Continue reading

4 Different Types of Bay Area Solar Panels

Whether you’re a homeowner in Martinez or a business owner shopping for Bay Area solar panels for a complex or new development, here’s the lowdown on 4 common solar panel types.
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What the California Solar Initiative Means for Your Martinez Home Solar

As a Martinez homeowner, you’ve been exploring a home solar solution. An awesome new program, called the California Solar Initiative, can give you cash back if you go solar.

Why would California give you money to put in this technology, and how much can you get? Continue reading

Bay Area Solar Power Special

Right now you can go Solar for under $6,000 with a starter kit from Save A Lot Solar. After receiving your Federal Tax Credit your cost is under $4,000.

Bay Area solar special

Time to start saving with solar power is now!

Right now you can go Solar for under $6,000 with a starter kit from Save A Lot Solar. After receiving your Federal Tax Credit your cost is under $4,000.

This price includes all documentation (permit, NET meter application, etc) and installation.

The system contains 5 Canadian Solar 250 watt solar panels and 5 Enphase Micro-Inverters, one inverter per solar panel. The DC Rating (kW STC) is 1.20 kilowatts. This system on average will produce 5 kilowatt hours per day.

This is top of the line, state of the art equipment that will provide the maximum performance for your system.

It comes with a great Internet interface that lets you watch your solar power system create electricity, and allows us to monitor your system to make sure it is always working at 100 percent.

The system is easily expandable with additional solar panels and inverter kits at $1,200 per ($800 after your tax credit).

Will you be happy after installing a home Save A Lot solar system?
See our video testimonials here: Solar customers speak out after 2 years.