The New Trend In Solar Energy

UntitledThe golden state of California ranked first in solar energy output in the United States in 2013, producing 2745.8 MW. It has never been a secret that Californian’s love soaking up the sun. Recently, however, they have been doing so from within the comfort of their own homes. Continue reading

White House Solar Installs Solar Panels

How Solar Panel Installation Will Pay for Itself

The solar panel installation experts and renewable energy enthusiasts at Save a Lot Solar were inspired to learn that the Obama administration has begun to put up American-made solar panels at the White House.

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How Long Will My Solar Roof Last?

Is A Bay Area Home Solar Installation Right For You?

You’re toying with the idea of installing solar panels on your roof to finally “bite the bullet” and get off the grid.

You love the idea of protecting the environment, lowering your energy bill, improving the resale value of your home, and potentially qualifying for rebates from the government for going solar. On the other hand, you want to ensure that your investment lasts. Continue reading

Top 10 Residential Solar Power Terms to Know

Bay Area Home Solar Information

Whether you’re pricing out San Jose home solar installation or just exploring how to get your energy bill down, your ability to make smart decisions depends, at least in part, on how well you understand your options. To that end, let’s clearly define 10 very important solar power terms. Continue reading

Bay Area Home Solar Equipment

Equipment for Oakland Solar

Our San Jose home solar team prepared the following quick primer on exciting new solar equipment technology. Continue reading

4 Home Solar Myths

Bay Area Residential Solar Power Myths

As San Jose and Livermore home solar installation professionals, we at Save a Lot Solar often spend a lot of time busting annoying myths about solar power. In this post, we have distilled 4 particularly prevalent myths, so that you can make a more informed, objective decision about your home solar energy needs: Continue reading

Home Solar Competition – The Key to a Flourishing Solar Industry In Oakland?

We have had technology for decades to capture the sun’s radiance and turn it into usable electrical and mechanical energy. So why aren’t more homes, businesses, and other institutions using solar power–at least part of the time? Continue reading

What the California Solar Initiative Means for Your Martinez Home Solar

As a Martinez homeowner, you’ve been exploring a home solar solution. An awesome new program, called the California Solar Initiative, can give you cash back if you go solar.

Why would California give you money to put in this technology, and how much can you get? Continue reading

Why to Hire Professionals for Your Bay Area Solar Installation

DIY Home Solar Installation Mistakes

It sounds like a simple and fun job; so why should you leave your home solar panel installation to the pros? Because it’s all too easy for something to go wrong when you try to DIY.

Here are 4 common mistakes DIYers make. Continue reading