Top 5 Reasons To Have Solar Panels Installed On Your Home In 2015

Installing solar panels on your home is gaining in popularity as more and more homeowners realize the benefits. Not only will you have the satisfaction that comes with going green, but you can also save some green. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should take the […] continue reading

Boost Your Home’s Resale Price, Install Solar Panels

There exists a handful of factors that drive the price of a home up and down. The price swing is based on the influential role each factor plays. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a study based on the effects of photovoltaic (PV) energy systems on home sales prices in […] continue reading

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The New Trend In Solar Energy

The golden state of California ranked first in solar energy output in the United States in 2013, producing 2745.8 MW. It has never been a secret that Californian’s love soaking up the sun. Recently, however, they have been doing so from within the comfort of their own homes.

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CA State Solar Bill: AB 327

The implications of a new California solar energy bill — both for professional solar providers and for consumers who want solar power for the home — could be profound.

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Photovoltaic Solar Panel System: The Basics

How do photovoltaic solar panel systems operate and what they can do for your home and energy bill?

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How Long Will My Solar Roof Last?

You want to ensure that your investment in home solar panels will last. Are residential solar power systems durable?

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Top 10 Residential Solar Power Terms to Know

Before your install solar panels on your Bay Area home, become familiar with these 10 residential solar power terms.

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Bay Area Home Solar Equipment

Our San Jose home solar team prepared the following quick primer on exciting new solar equipment technology.

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Two California Cities Now Require Residential Solar

Our Livermore solar installation team was excited to learn that two California municipalities now mandate the use of solar energy.

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4 Home Solar Myths

As San Jose and Livermore home solar installation professionals, we at Save a Lot Solar often spend a lot of time busting annoying myths about solar power.