Why Go Solar? (4 Hard to Dismiss Reasons)

Here are four reasons to consider transitioning to a Bay Area solar power set up ASAP:

1. You can help the earth.Solar Benefits

“Going solar” will reduce your fossil fuel consumption as well as your emissions of a variety of pollutants, including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. You also eliminate a source of particulate matter, which can help clear the air in your neighborhood.

2. You’ll save money.

Once you make the initial investment in technology, solar panels, etc., you won’t need to do much maintenance at all. New panels last a long time and offer incredible resilience. They also will boost the resale value of your house or condominium. For every 1000 watts of extra power your panels deliver, you will add another $15,000 of resale value to your house, according to solar finance experts. You can also enjoy rebates from the federal government and from the State of California for your do-goodism!  On top of that (depending on your system) you can actually send power back to the utility and in return your energy provider will send you a check.

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3. You earn “chits” with your friends and neighbors: and hopefully turn them on to solar, too.

When you set a good example — by adopting good habits and demonstrating good values — you “bring everyone up” with you. You also teach the next generation about good citizenship.

4. You don’t need to invest much effort, time, or expense to get started.

The thorough, effective, and highly reputable Bay Area solar team at Save A Lot Solar can help you explore the right solution for your budget and needs.

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Whether you just want to experiment with a small PV array, to supplement 50% of your power, or you want to “go all out” and get off the grid entirely, our experts can help you budget well, install the right equipment, answer your questions, and troubleshoot. Find out more about us today online, or contact us for help now.