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Home Solar Evaluation for Your Bay Area Building: Truths and Falsehoods Exposed

Dispelling the myths of solar power for your home.

Should you add/upgrade to solar power for your Bay Area home?

That might seem like a loaded question, given that we at Save A Lot Solar specialize in helping homeowners like you evaluate and install quality solar products! However, solar is definitely not for everybody. And if you live in Pleasanton, Oakland, Martinez or anywhere else in the Bay Area, you need to be able to sort fact from fiction when it comes to solar.

First of all, many people still believe that solar is extremely expensive. FALSE!

Save A Lot Solar State RebateThanks to California solar rebate and tax credit, when you finance your solar system over a two to three decade period, the cost will likely be equivalent to making no change to your current structure. So why bother switching? Because utility generated electricity costs go up every year – by around 6% – or at least they have over the past 30 years. If you invest now, your costs will never increase! That adds up to tremendous savings over the long term.

Many people fear that solar is an either/or proposition. Also, FALSE.

Either you’re on the grid like a normal person, or you’re a “hippy” living solely off the radiation of the nearest star, right? Not exactly. You don’t need to get “extreme” with your solar upgrade. It’s not an all or nothing choice. Most home solar power systems will just chip away at your electricity bill — usually by eliminating the most expensive electricity.

Others fear the utility company will charge a penalty for producing excess power. FALSE.

In fact, they’ll reward you! You can bank the excess electricity and enjoy a credit for full year.

When most people think of solar, they think of large panels on roofs. NOT ALWAYS.

You can structure your solar setup in myriad ways. For instance, some Bay Area homes do not have unobstructed south or southeast or southwesterly facing roofs. To run a 4-kilowatt system, you need around 400 square feet of quality southern light exposure. If you don’t have that capacity on your roof, you might be able to find it on a covered patio or ground mount or garage.

The government offers financial incentives for homeowners who invest in solar. TRUE!

First of all, right off the bat, you get a 30% federal tax credit. The government will also give you a cash rebate of 10% of the system. Certain localities will also reward you: check out whether your local town or region has incentives for solar at

When you invest in a solar solution, you can increase the value of your property. TRUE.

Finally, when you install even a small solar system, you gain certain autonomy. TRUE.

Human beings have a deep need for autonomy, and solar customers often report feeling exuberant: not only are they helping the planet but they’re also exercising their freedom.

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