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How Long Will My Solar Roof Last?

You want to ensure that your investment in home solar panels will last. Are residential solar power systems durable?

Is A Bay Area Home Solar Installation Right For You?

You’re toying with the idea of installing solar panels on your roof to finally “bite the bullet” and get off the grid.

You love the idea of protecting the environment, lowering your energy bill, improving the resale value of your home, and potentially qualifying for rebates from the government for going solar. On the other hand, you want to ensure that your investment lasts.

Here’s the good news: residential solar systems tend to be very, very durable.

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The Pacific Energy Center estimates, for instance, that the Bay Area’s first ever solar panels – installed four decades ago! – are still generating power at 80% of their original rating. Panels do lose efficiency every year (around 0.5%), but manufacturers will still warranty them for 25 years. At that rate, by the time that a warranty elapses, your panels will be 12.5% weaker than they were at peak power. (This is an average. Some panels will wear faster than others, depending on factors like weather exposure, materials used, the quality of the installation job, etc.)

The solar array should have paid for itself and then some… and you will still collect substantial power for your home needs.

Another great thing about solar roof panels – particularly the newer, more rugged ones – is that they don’t contain moving parts. In fact, roofing systems themselves live much shorter lives than solar systems do.

Even if a defect causes your solar system to underperform — a qualified Bay Area solar technician should be able to source and fix the problem without invasive methods. For instance, an electrician can inspect the connections of your photovoltaic panels, check the operating software, and so forth. (You will need to perform some basic, regular maintenance, but the time and money costs are minimal.)

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