Two California Cities Now Require Residential Solar

Residential Solar Expanding in California

Our Livermore solar installation team was excited to learn that two California municipalities now mandate the use of solar energy.

The cities of Lancaster and Sebastopol now both have laws on the books that require homes to be solar photovoltaic ready. The laws apply not just residential homes, but also to additions and remodels as well as to commercial buildings.

A Tale of Two Cities

Sebastopol is a small sleepy Northern California town of just 8,000 people. Lancaster, meanwhile, is a conservative town that’s home to a thriving aerospace industry. The city’s iconoclastic Republican mayor happens to be a passionate fan of renewables.

Bay Area Solar

Lancaster, CA. Image via Flickr.

Sebastopol’s new ordinance is pretty intense. New homes must offer 2 watts or more of solar-system-generated power per square foot of insulated building area or offset three quarters of the total electric load created by the home. If a builder cannot meet those requirements, she must pay a fee or find other alternative energy sources to meet energy needs.

Lancaster’s solar law goes into effect with all new home construction permits starting in 2014. The Lancaster ordinance is similar to the one in Sebastopol, and is the first city to enact such a law. The solar mandate largely applies to construction of new subdivisions.

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