Home Solar Evaluation for Your Bay Area Building: Truths and Falsehoods Exposed

Should you add/upgrade to solar power for your Bay Area home?

That might seem like a loaded question, given that we at Save A Lot Solar specialize in helping homeowners like you evaluate and install quality solar products! However, solar is definitely not for everybody. And if you live in Pleasanton, Oakland, Martinez or anywhere else in the Bay Area, you need to be able to sort fact from fiction when it comes to solar. Continue reading

Differences Between Using Micro Inverters and String Inverters

As a Bay Area homebuilder, commercial landlord, or homeowner, you’ve been giving a lot of thought to installing a solar solution for your power needs. One of the big choices you may need to make is whether to utilize so-called micro inverters or string inverters. Continue reading

Why to Hire Professionals for Your Bay Area Solar Installation

DIY Home Solar Installation Mistakes

It sounds like a simple and fun job; so why should you leave your home solar panel installation to the pros? Because it’s all too easy for something to go wrong when you try to DIY.

Here are 4 common mistakes DIYers make. Continue reading

Bay Area Solar Power Special

Right now you can go Solar for under $6,000 with a starter kit from Save A Lot Solar. After receiving your Federal Tax Credit your cost is under $4,000.

Bay Area solar special

Time to start saving with solar power is now!

Right now you can go Solar for under $6,000 with a starter kit from Save A Lot Solar. After receiving your Federal Tax Credit your cost is under $4,000.

This price includes all documentation (permit, NET meter application, etc) and installation.

The system contains 5 Canadian Solar 250 watt solar panels and 5 Enphase Micro-Inverters, one inverter per solar panel. The DC Rating (kW STC) is 1.20 kilowatts. This system on average will produce 5 kilowatt hours per day.

This is top of the line, state of the art equipment that will provide the maximum performance for your system.

It comes with a great Internet interface that lets you watch your solar power system create electricity, and allows us to monitor your system to make sure it is always working at 100 percent.

The system is easily expandable with additional solar panels and inverter kits at $1,200 per ($800 after your tax credit).

Will you be happy after installing a home Save A Lot solar system?
See our video testimonials here: Solar customers speak out after 2 years.

Net-Zero Energy For Your Bay Area Home

How to Power your Bay Area Eco-Friendly Home

As an environmentally-minded San Francisco Bay Area citizen, you’d like to do your part to keep our planet green and sustainable. A new concept called net-zero home design may offer you and your family a powerful, affordable way to do just that. Continue reading