Net-Zero Energy For Your Bay Area Home

How to Power your Bay Area Eco-Friendly Home

As an environmentally-minded San Francisco Bay Area citizen, you’d like to do your part to keep our planet green and sustainable. A new concept called net-zero home design may offer you and your family a powerful, affordable way to do just that.

Net Zero Energy

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A “net-zero” building consumes just as much energy as it generates from renewable energy sources, like solar. In other words, the net energy costs of the home’s existence is zero – thus, its footprint on the environment is minimal. Advocates of net-zero construction suggest that, with proper planning and creative engineering, this intense efficiency may be easily achievable. For example, in 2011, Meritage Homes, a large homebuilding company, rolled out net-zero homes to near universal plaudits from those who evaluated the technology.

Can you enjoy net-zero efficiency, if your only renewable energy source is solar?

Yes. On cloudy and/or dark winter days, you may not be able to extract enough energy for your household’s needs. So you may need to borrow energy from the electrical grid. But you can still make up the difference by bringing in excess energy during sunnier days, and/or during days when you and your family are not consuming as much energy. Thus, your “net” can still be zero.

Of course, calibrating your efficiency – and getting all the engineering done correctly – is no small task. Enthusiasm for “green technology” is great. But you likely need practical help installing solar arrays and maximizing your efficiency.

Fortunately, the team here at Save a Lot Solar has the credentials and experience to design and install the right solar panel system for your Bay Area home. Even if you are not aiming for a net-zero energy efficiency, you can still conserve a lot, save a lot of money, and liberate yourself from dependence on the electrical grid. Get in touch with us today to explore solar system solutions; we are happy to provide a free consultation and answer any solar related questions you have. Call us at 501-332-4971 or use our online contact form.