How Solar Energy Saves the Environment


Besides the financial advantage of saving on energy bills, installing solar panels is a good way to do your part to protect the environment. Since carbon emissions have reached record highs in most countries, solar energy is an effective way of reducing these greenhouse gasses. Global warming has caused most of the climate changes that the world is encountering. If you can contribute to generating clean energy, you will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and clean up the air around you.

Solar energy, as the name suggests, derives energy from the sun. Any form of energy that utilizes the sun produces clean energy and it does not produce any kind of emissions. So when you install solar panels on your home, you are ensuring that your home is powered by a clean source of energy. A solar panel in your home can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 250, 000 pounds, even if it is a small residential solar energy system of about 5 KW. If you install a solar panel that provides 5KW of energy then in one lifespan you will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting approximately 21, 000 square feet of trees.


If all homes in the Bay area were to install solar panels, the air quality would improve substantially in the entire area. It would have a positive impact on farmlands, beaches, lakes and rivers and even marine life in the area. The reduced pollution would amount to removing hundreds of cars off the road. Gas and oil power generation plants use water to produce steam powered energy. Although better than carbon emissions, this can still cause harm to fish and other animal and animal life.

The biggest advantage that solar energy offers is that it is entirely renewable and can never be fully exhausted like other natural resources. Presently only one tenth of the sun’s energy is being harnessed. If all the sun’s energy was used to generate power it could be enough to light up the entire globe and have some left over for other energy needs. Modern day needs for energy are huge and electricity generated by oil and coal may be adequate for the present. However, these sources of energy will not last forever and they are not as pure and clean as solar energy because they emit pollutants like carbon-dioxide and methane. It is important to harness solar energy as it is sufficient to fulfill any amount of energy that we might need and reduce greenhouse gases hugely.