Go Green with Solar Power


Solar Energy begins with the sun. Solar Panels also known as the solar photovoltaic (PV) capture the sun’s energy and convert them into electricity. These panels don’t always require direct sunlight as they can work even on a cloudy day. Energy by the solar panels is a renewable resource which means that it is clean type of energy.

Light from direct sunlight can be used for a variety of applications including remote power systems for cabins, equipments of the telecommunication department, remote sensing and of course as electricity in residential and commercial areas.

How do Solar Panels Work?

A solar panel is composed of several diminutive solar cells which use light to make electrons move. The cells are made up of two different layers. The first layer is loaded with electrons which jump to the second layer when its electrons are taken away. When the light hits the electron, they jump from one layer to the other producing a flow of electricity.

Benefits of Solar Panels:

There are many advantages of having solar panels installed then using regular electricity. Many homeowners are now trying to cut their carbon footprint by purchasing solar panels and using their natural energy to power their home. Here are some benefits of installing the panels at home:

  • Free of Cost: Even though a customer has to pay the initial cost and the installation charges of the solar panels, there is no headache of rising electricity bills each month. Sunlight is free so any energy one produces from the solar panels is also more cost efficient then standard electricity. Consumers also don’t have to worry about running fans and air conditioners in hot months or running heaters to warm themselves in cold, wintery months. Solar energy power costs eliminate this concern.
  • Low Maintenance: Solar panels remain functional for many years and require minimum maintenance. Once installed, users are free of the burden having to worry about them. The panels are made of durable materials which make them able to survive harsh weather situations such as extreme cold or hot days.  Most solar panels are given a life span of 30 years and many panels exceeded it. They have low costs for repair and there is no need to switch them out.
  • Green Energy: The electricity produced by the solar panels is eco friendly and green. Customers who are using the solar panels to power their houses are using a natural source for their home’s energy. There are no gasses or harmful chemicals emitted in the air by the solar panels; as such harmful gases and substance are normally emitted by the fossil-fueled electricity. Consumers are doing their part in saving the environment by contributing cleaner air and a more livable environment for the humans and plants. Solar power is undoubtedly one of the most significant solutions to the issue of global warming.    
  • No noise output: Solar panels are a quiet producer of energy. There is absolutely no noise made from the panels as they create usable electricity.
  • Ideal for off-grid areas: It’s sometimes hard to get electricity in rural or isolated areas.  Solar panels are the best way out for people living in remote areas where electricity is not available in a dependable and cost efficient manner. Consumers living in off grid areas or vacation homes don’t have to be dependent on electricity companies for the power. They can easily create their own electricity from the direct sunlight available.
  • Unlimited Power: Solar power is renewable so it’s always guaranteed. Users are not dependent on power companies and can use limitless power. Sun has never ending power and if the consumers are producing additional solar power, they can sell it to power companies and make a profit.
  • No more Power Breakdown: Residents of many under developed countries face power outages from time to time. With solar power, one doesn’t need to worry about light being turned off by the power companies at odd times. Solar panels are powered up during the hot sunny months, ensuring the users that there will be no black outs in the summers when fans and air conditioners are needed the most.
  • Raised Property Value: Solar panels are helpful in raising ones home value also. Due to the energy efficient panels installed in one’s home, they are likely to find more prospective buyers. People are leaning more towards an eco-friendly environment and the idea of having low electricity bills is appealing to many customers. According to research, one adds up $20 to their home value with each dollar they save on electricity bills.

Cost of Solar Panels: The average system of solar panels comes for approximately $10,000. But now many banks are offering loan service which helps consumers buy them at affordable rates. The price doesn’t include installation charges but that can be done by you or through a trusted contractor.  Most solar panels come with a protection plan that covers all repairs and insurance. Also many states are providing tax rebate for the installation of solar energy systems as it helps the environment, so find out from your state representatives for any offers.

Many buyers might not know that they can also use the solar power they create can be used to power up electricity cars, heat up pools, and light up outdoors. Sunlight is free and will always be and that is the main benefit of installing solar panels on your rooftops. Buyers can be stress free from rising electricity bills and irregular power failures. Solar panels may be an investment at first. However, it’s an investment that most of it consumers are finding worthwhile, not just for them, but for the planet as well.