5 Reasons Save a Lot Solar only installs Enphase Micro Inverters


  1. Enphase micro inverters are safer, since they do not involve high Direct Current Voltage. Enphase micro inverters convert 24 volt DC to two circuits of 120 volt AC right under the solar panel. Hi DC Current Voltage can arc if the circuit is broken, and if broken will create an extreme temperature when it arcs. That is why they call it arc welding. Do you ever want an arc welder on your roof? AC does not arc if the circuit is broken.
  2. Enphase micro inverters are more efficient, one inverter per solar panel. This means that each panel is working at its peak efficiency at all times, not affected by anything happening to the other solar panels and inverters. In addition, it means that the system is easily expanded. If you need more energy, we add as many panels as needed, wherever it is sunny, like when you get an electric car.
  3. Enphase Inverters come with a free web based monitoring system, you never have to wonder if your system is working. String inverter manufacturers charge for their monitoring system, if one is available at all. The Enphase web based monitoring system comes with a personal web site to review the current output and detailed history of your systems production. If something is not working properly both you and your installer receive an alert via email. No waiting for your electric bill to see if the system is working well.
  4. Enphase Inverters work independently, not affected by the other inverters and solar panels. String inverters string one panel to the next in a series DC connection. If one solar panel is not working or working badly, it affects all of the other solar panels connected to it. Have you heard of Christmas tree lights connected in series? One goes out and they all go out. Good luck figuring out which one is not working. The Enphase monitoring system not only lets you know if something goes wrong, it also lets you know where the problem is.
  5. Enphase inverters come with a 25 year Warranty, not the ten year warranty most other inverters are limited to. The production of your solar panels is warrantied for 25 years. Shouldn’t your whole system be warrantied for the same time period? String inverters are warrantied for ten years. In the warranty period of an Enphase inverter, you will have to replace your string inverter two times, which is a considerable hidden cost someone selling you a string inverter does not want to discuss.

These are the reasons Save a Lot Solar only installs Enphase micro inverters at the same cost as string inverters. We sell nothing but the best equipment at the best price with the best customer service.