Bay Area Solar News Digest

What’s new in Bay Area and California solar news

Whether you’re a Northern California homeowner who’s considering “going solar,” or you’re a business owner searching for novel ways to cut down on long-term energy costs, here’s a digest of the latest breaking solar news out of the CA solar scene.

By Avinash Kaushik [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Nearly 50% of America’s photovoltaic capacity now resides in California, and two out of every three solar installations lives here as well, according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) data.
  • One of the popular ways to finance a new home solar system is by way of a FHA loan programs. The FHA home improvement lending program eliminates cash as a barrier to solar adoption. Visit this page for more information on Solar loans.
  • PV Solar Buzz reports that solar leasing agreements are becoming much more popular. In 2012 alone, over 11,000 new installations used leasing agreements, constituting three out of every four such projects in the state and representing a thirty fold increase in this kind of agreement from five years ago. Leasing seems to be catching out because the cost of installing solar often intimidates homeowners (and some business owners). This hypothesis is borne out by the fact that the median income homeowners are leading the charge for solar leasing arrangements.
  • One whole gigawatt of PV electricity was generated in two weeks in August! Per EarthTechling, California’s photovoltaic panels pumped out a whole gigawatt of energy during the scorching dog days of August – enough solar to power three quarters of a million Bay Area homes, or approximately 1% of the entire grid’s energy needs. This represents a 60% spike over the 2010 numbers – an encouraging sign, since estimates from the solar energy industry are rosy, to say the least.
  • According to the California’s renewable portfolio standard, by 2020, 33% of utility company power must come from renewables, like solar. We may lag behind Germany, which pumps out an awesome 22 gigawatts of energy from solar in a month. But we’re moving in the right direction.

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