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CA State Solar Bill: AB 327

The implications of a new California solar energy bill — both for professional solar providers and for consumers who want solar power for the home — could be profound.

California Solar Power Changes

A complex and controversial bill, AB 327, recently passed the California State senate.

bay area home solar installationThe implications of this law — both for professional solar providers and for consumers who want solar power for the home — could be profound. On September 9, the Senate voted 33-5 to approve the measure, which addresses electricity rate reform and solar net metering.California government analysts believe that the State Assembly will pass it and that Governor Jerry Brown will then sign it into law. AB 327 had met with mixed reviews from solar industry professionals. But late additions to the legislation helped soothe critics from the solar industry.

Two amendments, in particular, met their concerns.

The first dealt with how the legislation impacts current net metering contracts that must be reevaluated and rewritten. Some industry advocates felt that AB 327 would effectively punish them or undercut their initial investments. The amendment, however, created a process to deal with “grandfathered” net metering contracts.

The second had to do with the concerns that utilities might change rates and tariffs to create problems for net metering customers. To deal with that, lawmakers added an amendment to make sure such changes happened during a “rulemaking proceeding involving every large electrical corporation.”

Who knows exactly how AB 327 will impact the course of California’s progression towards solar energy and renewables? Will consumers be more cautious about installing solar panels for their homes? As Bernadette Del Chiaro, the Executive Director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), put it: “the devil will be in the details.”

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