Don’t Go Solar Until You Take These 3 Steps

Before You Install Your Residential Solar Panels

While the Save A Lot Solar team heartily recommends solar energy as a cost-effective, value-enhancing, environmental choice, we advise homeowners to prepare themselves before they install solar panels. There are 3 activities you should do before investing substantially in a solar energy future.

1. Do a budget “reality check.”

If you are up to your ears in credit card debt or otherwise financially on thin ice, you may not qualify for a loan to finance your solar PV system. Over the long term, solar systems can pay for themselves and then some. But if cash flow is a problem, take care of that first, so you don’t wind up overextended and stressed.

Martinez Home Solar2. Determine whether your roof or property is right for solar.

Do you have a southern or northern facing roof? Are there trees blocking the roof, or do you have a “clear shot” at the sun? How much surface area do you have available? Is your roof architecturally complex – i.e. would it be tricky to install a solar array on your roof? – or is a simple flat roof? You don’t have to determine all these variables yourself. The team at Save A Lot Solar would be happy to help you with this assessment.

3. Strive to improve energy efficiency first.

Are you turning off all the lights at night before you go to sleep? Are your windows leeching heat into the environment (or cold air during the summer time)? Have you done a home energy audit to find out when and how your family uses energy? Have you scrutinized your electric bill to figure out when you use the most energy? A certified auditor can help you gain efficiencies, immediately, and help you save money and conserve resources before you even go solar.

The Save A Lot Solar team is standing by to help you determine the best next steps, given your budget, energy needs, cost saving goals, and your home’s unique architectural and structural features. Connect with us today for a consultation about whether installing solar is right for you and your home.