4 Home Solar Myths

Bay Area Residential Solar Power Myths

As San Jose and Livermore home solar installation professionals, we at Save a Lot Solar often spend a lot of time busting annoying myths about solar power. In this post, we have distilled 4 particularly prevalent myths, so that you can make a more informed, objective decision about your home solar energy needs: Bay Area home solar1. Solar power is not efficient.

This was actually true in the past – back in the 1970s! But panel efficiency has quadrupled since that time, per the U.S. Department of Energy. With an average of nearly 20 percent, it’s nearly as efficient as the gasoline in your car’s tank – the only difference being that solar technology is actually advancing at a more rapid rate. So solar will soon be more efficient (relative to gas and other technologies) in the near future.

2. Unless you live in your house forever, you won’t get a return on the investment.

A properly installed and maintained solar system can substantially boost your home’s value. If you demonstrate a way to save $1,000 in yearly electrical bills, your home’s value will spike by around $20,000, per the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. And that’s not even including the short-term advantages, such as state and federal solar rebates and incentives. Also, of course, you will save money by getting off the grid (or at least partially getting off the grid).

3. Maintaining solar panels is a chore.

Many people have a cartoonish, “old school” version of solar power frozen in their minds.

They picture massive radio-telescope-like panels weighing down roofs and getting littered with leaves, bird doo, and the like. The reality is that modern day solar systems are sleek and seamless. Most panels require very rare cleaning and maintenance, and warranties last decades. Besides, new types of solar tiles can blend in with fiber, metal, asphalt, and other types of shingles. Some tiles actually serve as double duty – operating both as shingles and as solar cells: the untrained eye could never tell them apart.

4. Solar is right only for very sunny places, where weather is consistent.

Again, this myth is a relic from the past. Today’s solar electric systems are very reliable and consistent. They can be affixed to roofs in all sorts of climates, including snowy, sleety climates. The dark panels on a south facing roof, for instance, can help melt snow, and survive whatever the Bay Area weather decides to throw at it.

Consider that the University of Vermont (!!), located in a much more frigid climate, maintains a highly functional, cost-effective solar system that works even during the winter and that requires almost no maintenance.

To make the leap to a greener, more cost-effective, long-term energy solution – or to just get more information, so you can make a more informed choice – get in touch with the experts at Save a Lot Solar today. We provide straight, science-based answers, so you can plan better.